Nikolaus 2013 – Chocolate and Sonics!

Yesterday, it was Nikolaus. Don’t worry, I’m not going to labour the point about traditions being appropriated and mangled into something new (and wrong) – I’ve said it enough times here before, so I’d only be repeating myself.

Nope, I’ll just say that the kids cleaned their shoes, placed them at the front door and the next morning they came down to find that they had indeed been visited by Saint Nick and he’d left behind gifts of chocolate and a smattering of toys – including a Sonic Screwdriver… of course!

Nikolaus_6th December 2013

Above. Big grins at the haul that they collected.

Someone’s happy here. Pity that Mum and Dad were forgotten about. Oh well, it’s not like we bothered to clean our shoes and put them up for inspection – I doubt anyone would want to come within twenty feet of my boots anyway!

Alex zaps Mana with the War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The two siblings. Alex zaps his sister with the Character Options toy of the War Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. He loves it, especially as he knows of Daddy’s input into this and the screen prop.

Alex admires his new sonic toy

With melted chocolate around his mouth, Alex inspects his new (nearly screen accurate) prop – he’s really starting to amass quite the Doctor Who toy collection now. He’s absolutely crazy about the programme, but more-so having the toys to play with… Daddy does get roped in sometimes too, not that he minds.

John Hurt_The War Doctor and Sonic Screwdriver

On the topic of the War Doctor’s Sonic, having now seen the toy, a few things have come to mind.

First off, the screen used prop is 100% a converted 4th Doctor sonic screwdriver toy and not a tv tie in prop, ie, John Hurt actually using a CO War Doctor Sonic toy. The replica came later.

Secondly. While an excellent product, it’s not 100% screen accurate to the prop used in The Day of the Doctor. See below.

The War Doctor Sonic toy_CO

So then, thinking about the screen used prop – what exactly was that red thing added to the bottom of the toy?

I had my suspicions, but now having looked at the commercially available replica toy, I’m confident that I can place the parts. The main block appears to be a plastic foot, like the type you find on coffee tables and floor standing cabinets. It could be a plastic spacer, but I have my doubts. In my parts boxes, I have a lot of these left over plastic feet and many of them are a damned good match.

The little nubbin stuck into the end of the main block – that appears to be a pulley and axle , the type as found in gearing systems, especially in old cassette players. You can buy these small pulley sets quite easily today, so it stands to reason that this could have been what was used.

I’m not saying all this is what was actually used, but they do appear to be the prime candidates.

How to annoy the cat_Sonic style

Still on the topic of Sonic Screwdrivers… Here’s Alex annoying the cat with one. Clearly not the intended purpose, but he had fun with it regardless.

Look at the face of concentration on the little man. You can also clearly see how many *figs* the cat gives towards this situation. Not many, it would seem.

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~ by PurpleBlancmange on December 7, 2013.

8 Responses to “Nikolaus 2013 – Chocolate and Sonics!”

  1. If only they made a sonic screwdriver with laser pointer, then he could really get the cats worked up!

    • Hmm, I’ve got a couple of old laser pointers somewhere.

      Now you’re giving me ideas. Not necessarily “good” ones – but ideas all the same. Poor cat.

      • As long as he doesn’t shoot someone in the eye with a laser sonic, he’ll be OK. BTW, lucky kids!

      • Yeah, he’s a bit young to be using laser technology. Give it a few years though.

        I guess the kids are lucky. Alex also received a bump and go Cybermat. That thing is so cute – I’m very tempted to buy a load more and set them loose around the house!

        That’d be amusing! Well, to me anyway.

      • It would be even more amusing if you had a cat or small dog. They’d probably go insane!

  2. bless we had same event and a visit here to

    war sonic will be one i purchase but im a bit behind now could double as a cat toy good idea, and does the cat get worked up over a bump and go cybermat scurying around ?
    glad had a good day

  3. […] final confirmation that the episode used a converted CO 4th sonic, rather than the War Doctor toy: Nikolaus 2013 ? Chocolate and Sonics! | PurpleBlancmange […]

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