Fours Years of blogging – and Christmas too!

Well, well, well. I didn’t expect to still be here blogging after four years! Yet here we are.

A lot has happened since I began this and no doubt more will as we creep forward, one day at a time, into the future. We’ve had our ups and downs, there’s been lots of work, then no work at all, friends have come, others have gone – do I feel at odds to the loss? No, of course not… in some cases I am relieved. Family time has been great, especially as me and my wife watch our children grow up, that’s been rather magical really.

So, what’s the clan been up to of late? Well…

Christmas 2013_Visiting Father Christmas

We took the kids to see Father Christmas last weekend. They loved it, especially as he took the time to chat to them about whether they’ve been good throughout the year or not – of course they’ve been good.

One of the first things that Alex uttered, very matter of factly with his arms flailing, was that Father Christmas is called ‘Father Christmas and NOT Santa!’ Thank goodness Mr. Christmas played along with the discussion.

Christmas 2013_Visiting Father Christmas_Presents

Two happy (good) little bunnies, all beaming with joy.

Christmas 2013_School Play

Christmas time also means the traditional school Nativity play.

Here’s the one that Mana‘s class put on. I’m not entirely sure what it was about, but it was something along the lines of two children going back in time to learn about the first ever Christmas. Don’t worry, I won’t complain about the inclusion of three wise men here, despite the fact that we don’t know how many “wise men” were supposedly present at this meeting.

Christmas 2013_Mana School Play

Here’s Mana, performing her part as an angel. She also acted as a guide to the little boy on her left, he’s completely blind now, but he still likes to join in with the fun… and why not?

They all seem to be enjoying themselves.

Christmas 2013_Nursery Play

And this is the nursery Nativity play, taking place the next day.

Christmas 2013_Nursery Play Alex

Alex here, doing his bit as a snowflake – in his Oscar winning costume – lovingly crafted by his parents. What do you mean it’s just a pillow case with decorations stuck to it? The nerve…

Christmas 2013_Nursery Play_Father Christmas

Father Christmas put in another appearance today as well!

Christmas 2013_Nursery Play_Christmas Presents

Lots of happy faces as the kids compare their gifts. Mana lovingly supports her brother. Awwww.

Christmas 2013_Nursery Play_Alex shows present

‘Daddy, Daddy. Look what I got. A Cyberman. I don’t like it!’

Oh. Bugger.

TARDIS Key_Doesn't fit

Let’s just nip into the TARDIS and go somewhere to get him something that he DOES like then. Well, that’d be great if it weren’t for two reasons;

1/ That’s the wrong key to the wrong model of TARDIS.


2/ The TARDIS isn’t real, sorry to break it to you like this. It’s just a box.

He’ll just have to wait until Christmas Day then, hopefully something more to his liking will turn up.

Bye for now then.

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~ by PurpleBlancmange on December 20, 2013.

10 Responses to “Fours Years of blogging – and Christmas too!”

  1. The McCoy key should work like the Ankh did! #TARDISkeyfail

  2. Also, can I be you kid too?

  3. Pity, think I would’ve been ecstatic to receive a Cyberman figure for Christmas at that age. :)

    Merry Christmas, Purple!

  4. he dont like that model cyber good lad, so festivities all round looks like your havin a merry old time

    • No, I think he didn’t like it because the toy is rather small – he’s used to the larger range.

      And yes, we’re having a merry old time with it, thanks. Hope you are too.

  5. Oh, the Nativity play! I had to do one of those when I was really little… I’d forgotten about it until now. I’m glad that the kids are enjoying their holiday season and busy with all sorts festivities. I’ve noticed that the older my sister and I have gotten, the more the magic has seeped out of Christmas. But I love watching the little ones, their excitement is contagious! With kids around Christmas suddenly becomes more magical. And Alex is right, Daleks are way better than Cybermen.

    I know I’m a bit early, but happy New Year! My best to all the family :)

    • That’s the problem with life, you get older and wiser.

      Most of our life is taken up with maturity, worries, responsibility and other grown up concerns and this is exactly why I have not one iota of a problem with maintaining the idea of Father Christmas to the kids.

      As I said elsewhere, their joy was clear to see – they even saw Father Christmas fly through the night sky on Christmas Eve and they screamed with delight at this prospect! Lots of waving and shouting hello ensued… Okay, so it was the International Space Station in orbit, but saying it was Mr. Christmas just reinforced the joy and wonder of the season to them. What harm is there in making kids happy for a little while? None whatsoever.

      Happy New Year to you and your clan too and may 2014 be a positive and uplifting year for you – I’ll finish the rest of this reply on your own blog when you do your own festive posting! :)

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