Christmas Day 2013

Well, it can’t have escaped your notice that it’s Christmas, so to those of you who celebrate, Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. I hope that it’s been a magical time for you, it certainly has been for us.

A few days ago, the clan and I were invited over to Exterminator‘s house for a Christmas party and what a lovely spread he and his wife put on! It was utterly brilliant and so nice to get our two families together again – thanks chum. While we were there, we took a brief detour down to The Vault – which we’re now considering renaming it to The Black Archive

Anyway, when we prized open the doors, both Alex‘s and my wife‘s jaw dropped open as they gasped and nearly sucked all the air out of the room in awe! Everywhere you looked there were Daleks, Cybermen, weaponry, models and all kinds of props – plus there’s a whole host of items that he and I need to either restore or assemble – and that’s not counting the spill over stuff that’s in storage over at my place. Actually, the “to do” list is quite daunting in that respect – give us another 50 years and we may just make a small dent in it all!

So then, onto the big day itself. This is what we got up to.

Christmas Day 2013_Presents under the tree

After a nearly sleepless night due to the kids being over excited, we came down at a very reasonable hour to see that we had been lucky in that Father Christmas had visited and brought quite the haul. The kids didn’t know where to begin! Lucky devils.

Christmas Day 2013_Mana unwraps her baby doll as Alex watches on

Go for the big ones first! Alex takes a break from his light saber to watch on as Mana rips open the wrapping to a baby doll.

Christmas Day 2013_Alex unwrapping his Dalek

Alex in sheer disbelief as he discovers that he has a radio control blue Dalek, just like the one that Uncle Exterminator has – but his is full sized. He was so chuffed and completely over the moon that when we took him to bed that night he said, ‘I nearly cried today Daddy.’ When I asked him why, he replied, ‘Because I heartily wished for a Blue Dalek and I got one!’ Awww, bless his little cotton socks.

Christmas Day 2013_The Moment

The Moment has come! In amongst all the presents was this little, unassuming box with some strange inscriptions on the surface. Opening it up, there was a letter inside written in Time Lord. Luckily Daddy could read it – The Doctor had sent Mana The Moment (reduced right down into its red jewel form) and asked her to look after it for him and to keep it safe until he needs it.

There was a dodgy incident when Mana accidentally dropped it while it was in the box and she immediately started to cry uncontrollably. Why? She was concerned that in doing so she will have started a chain reaction that would destroy the universe! We had to explain to her that this could never happen as only The Doctor could activate it. Phew!

Christmas Day 2013_Two happy kids

A little later. Alex admires his Darth Vader as Mana shows off her magnetic ear rings – far less painful than real ones.

Christmas Day 2013_Mana creating a work of art

Creating works of art with stencils and blow pens.

Christmas Day 2013_Alex and his toys

Getting into Lego! It also doubles up as rubbish for the two foot long bin lorry that he received. Daddy has been coveting that toy for years now – it’s brilliant. As is the Darth Vader – I didn’t get that either!

Christmas Day 2013_Christmas dinner

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. Well, Daddy’s belly certainly was after the turkey meal – thanks to Mummy for such a fantastic Christmas roast. I’m giving serious thought to raising turkeys myself for next Christmas, but we just don’t have the space.

Christmas Day 2013_Alex and Daddy

Look, the only picture with me in it! Alex giving it his all and as usual, he got the little prizes while all I was left with were the remains of the cracker and a stupid hat. Meh…

The end of the day was rounded off by Matt Smith’s last episode as Doctor Who with a story called, I think, “Time of the Doctor.”

The Modelo Unit_BBC Credit

As you can see, the wonderful miniature effects were carried out by “The Modelo Unit” – the Italian branch of Mike Tucker‘s The Model Unit, either that or this was an embarrassing mistake. Oh well, that just about summed up the episode in its entirety.

While we’re on the subject of little mistakes, let’s play a game of “Mid-scene Spot the Difference.”

Time of the Doctor_Spot the difference_Blog

Oh well…

How awful for Matt Smith, the best Doctor since Tom Baker, to go out on such an appalling story!

The only decent part was the first 10 or so minutes, the rest was just crap in every way. A jumbled story with what seemed like a bunch of “good” scene ideas just rammed together with very little to connect them.

Then there was the terrible and unconvincing aged make up prosthetics for the old version of the Doctor – mind you, Millenium FX can’t do that sort of make up that well anyway, so it wasn’t too surprising. The ending was all over the shop – what the hell was all that about the Time Lords giving the Doctor a new regeneration cycle through the crack? And the way the enemies were dispatched – Jesus Christ, give me strength!

As for Matt’s final scenes? Nice, he played it well, but the whole lot seemed completely unnecessary after the explosion in the tower – Clara should have entered the TARDIS to see the new Doctor standing there… but yes, Steven Moffat obviously wanted to give the audience some sentimentality to surround the inevitable situation and something emotional for Matt to sink his teeth into. What a way to go. Poor Matt.

I really didn’t want him to go!

Anyway, Christmas Day is now over and done with, so it’s time to put our collective feet up and have a relaxing time with our families and enjoy both the company and the festivities – then it’s onto the new year celebrations.

Best wishes to you all!

PS. Forgot to mention a little mock up that I did.

History of the Time War_Test 2

Hopefully I can get this “The History of the Time War” book sorted out at some stage in the new year. It’d be rude not to! There’s still a lot to do with it, but at least it’s a start.


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~ by PurpleBlancmange on December 26, 2013.

16 Responses to “Christmas Day 2013”

  1. Your poor cat will be terrorized by that blue Dalek. ;)

    I enjoyed the story overall. I think the age makeup on Matt was good when he looked like Doc Brown from Back to the Future (of which there are many homages to).

  2. Oh God, I watched the marathon on BBC America yesterday but sadly was feeling rather ill so I retired before watching the Christmas special. I’m glad that I missed it! I’ll watch it later of course, but with more realistic expectations. A new regeneration cycle? I literally face-palmed when I read that. God help us all.

    Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas! You did so well Alex nearly cried with joy. That is a parenting success of epic proportions :)

    • Oh, I’m sorry that you were feeling ill – not too many mince pies I hope. With luck, you’re feeling better now.

      Yes, we had a really great Christmas, thanks, how about you? Good I trust.

      Alex’s comment was quite unexpected, but brought a lump to our throat. We’re just so happy that the kids are at that age where they’re full of wonder at the magic of this time of year. I guess it’s what you make of it.

      Also, apologies for any potential spoilers that I may have given away regarding the Doctor Who episode. I think that I was vague enough not to give too much away, but please don’t let my comments put you off – that’s for you to make your own judgement on. Having said that, the first 10 or so minutes is a right hoot! Very amusing.

  3. Love the history of the time war book been looking at doing one myself. How did you do it? If you don’t mind me asking?

    • All I did was find an image of the artwork, twiddled it about in Paint, sized it to about the right dimensions, printed that up, adjusted with this special device called a “pen” ( :) ), cut it out and stuck it onto the book.

      Next I’ll have to get the image drawn up in Illustrator, get that laser cut and finish it up properly.

      Glad you like it!

      • I’ve got the art for the centre just wanted to know how you got the detailing on the leather?

      • Oh right, I get you now. I thought you were talking about the “add on” section…

        If you were to build the book from scratch, the best thing to do would be to cut the design from thick card, then apply this to a card stock front cover, then over that glue on some thin leather (lamb skin or some-such) and apply pressure so that it sinks into the design. A spoon is good for this.

        You have to glue the leather down in sections the bigger you go – it can be quite tedious to do though, or you could do it all in one go and just chase the glue around with the previously mentioned spoon.

        Once all dry, get some coarse sandpaper and scuff the crap out of it for that really aged look. After that, you can treat it with various paints to really accentuate the weathering that would be accrued over the centuries

        I’ve seen some online book making tutorials over on You Tube, it’s well worth checking some of those out as they go to great lengths (better then I ever could) to describe the entire process, from start to finish.

        Good luck!

  4. well you had yourself a merry little xmas, good stuff alex is a joy love the emotion in it not a dry eye in the house is he playing bob crachet next year ? ,parenting success without a doubt
    I love the bin truck still got my dinky one ,and the Dalek is cool ,

    the episode was really bad and a mess who knows moff was busy with Sherlock scripts at the time maybe?
    but for me tv was rubbish this year

    The book is amazing .I was looking for a old book to do something simaler lots and lots to catch up on in new year,yes im making a list glad all had good time

  5. Could you make a tutorial for the book? I mean the “scratchbuilding” of it or even explain the materials a bit more?

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