Watch out – house!

Interesting title for today’s entry, don’t ya think? No? Well, you’ll find out why soon enough. But before we go there, let’s visit here…

12:30, last Tuesday afternoon, we get a phone call from Mana’s school to say that she was unwell and needed to be taken home. In a way, the timing couldn’t have been better because we were just about to set off to fetch Alex from nursery anyway.

So then, stepping out through the back gate to where our car is parked and this was the sight that we were greeted with. Click to embiggen – as always – to aid with text reading.

Car Window_13052014ps


You know, we’ve lived in this town for ten years and we quickly had to learn that you cannot keep anything nice here as some inconsiderate bastard will always try their best to ruin your stuff for you.

Only a month ago we had to have the back end of the car resprayed because of someone’s inability to steer correctly when parking. Then of course when we bought this car, it took just two hours for some delightful soul to leave a lovely, and not in any way noticeable, scratch right up the full length of the passenger side. I suspect it was a result of someone parking a bit too close to us in the car park, then walking by with their studded hand bag, thus leave their delightful indelible mark of approval.

The same happened with the old car too, even down to having the rear window smashed! Remember this?

April2011_Rear Ventilation

Hmm. It’s all sorted now, we have a new window and someone’s coming over to clean the car this afternoon to get rid of all those bits of glass that we missed – and just in time too as we have a visitor from the USA arriving tomorrow afternoon – and I have to pick them up from the airport. Goody!

Now then, finally getting to the point. There are some things in life that you just don’t expect to see… or hear.

We’d just finished dinner and the instant that I stepped out from the back door to take the scrapings out to the recycle bin, I heard those immortal words; ‘Watch out – house!’ – followed by several repetitions of the word ‘Shit!’ – coupled with an accompanying thunderous roar. I looked up and there it was, a hot air balloon aiming right for our roof.

Watch out_House_b

It was so damned close that had I been at the top of the house, I would have been able to touch the bottom of the basket as it loomed towards us! Anyway, I could see the two gentlemen were panicking as they struggled to gain more altitude by firing up the burners – and boy, did the place stink for ages afterwards with whatever their fuel was. It hung around for at least 20 minutes.

I have to admit it, I did find it a little funny and actually managed to get the rest of the family out to witness the proceedings, before we all then dashed out like lunatics to the front of the house to observe its descent into the playing field across the road – where it also just missed a car show room.

Seriously, I cannot think of a more ridiculous way to travel. You’re hanging around in a wicker basket under a gigantic flammable bag, plus you have absolutely no way to navigate the stupid contraption, leaving you painfully at the mercy of the elements. Mind you, travelling this way, at least you’ll sort of get to where you want to go, not like when you fly with Ryan Air though.

Changing the subject entirely, and I have to make this quick because Daddy Duties are calling, but I’m hoping to be working on some vaguely interesting build stuff soon. With that said, I’m unsure as to whether or not it’s worth posting any of it up here on the blog or not – we’ll just have to see about that because I’m giving serious thought to ending entries like that. Certainly the tutorials and build process stuff will cease at any rate. Why? Observed lack of reader interest mainly and so there’s no point in me taking the time to document the steps taken and then write it all up. Instead I may just leave it to pictures of finished pieces, just for my own personal records.

Now, it’s time to jump in the car for Daddy’s Taxi Service.

See ya!

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~ by PurpleBlancmange on May 21, 2014.

5 Responses to “Watch out – house!”

  1. I’ve had similar experiences with hot air balloons. In my hometown of Peoria, IL, there is an annual hot air balloon event. When I was a kid, a bunch of them ended up landing in the field in front and over on the south end of our and my uncle & aunt’s properties. It was interesting to watch them land, have their transport teams come in, and then deconstruct them to get them out.

    • Yeah, it’s the ballooning season here at the moment, so to see them about is a fairly common sight… it’s just the almost crashing into your house bit that you don’t see all too often.

  2. I love hot air ballooning… if I had more money I’d probably do it a lot more (expensive hobby). I think the attraction is that you DON’T actually know where you’re going to end up. But yes, quite ridiculous!
    I for one will be sorry to see the end of your tutorials and build posts. But I guess I’m in a minority and your time is precious…

    • I have wondered what it’d be like to actually try ballooning, but it does look like it’d be very cold up there in that open basket and yes, I can see the fun with the notion of aimless wandering. Hmm, sounds familiar!

      It’s still ridiculous, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

      As for the tutorials and build posts, I’m only thinking about ending them. At the moment, I simply have no desire to write big pieces on the progress as there is little incentive for me to make them, plus it can be a pain in the rear to maintain as I constantly have to remind myself to take photos along the way. That said, it’s nice to hear that you have enjoyed them so far.

      In recent months, I’ve got the general impression that this kind of stuff on the whole isn’t that interesting to folk and I’m fine with that, but like I said, we shall see. I guess it depends on the subject matter – little props seem to be a no no, maybe larger, less obscure stuff is what people want. I don’t know.

  3. a brief synopsis not a essay in your build threads should suffice and if folks want more ,they can ask
    I dunno about ballooning but it would be a hilarious call to the insurance

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