A visit from overseas – Doctor Jon is in da house!

It’s just about bloody typical, if there’s a Bank Holiday, then there’s always rain and lots of it – which was a shame as last week we had gloriously hot and sunny weather! Perfect for visiting friends from the USA.

Yep, it was almost a state occasion here at the Towers as we had a special visitor from across the Atlantic come to stay with us for a few days and almost to show us up and live up to the stereotype, the heavens opened in an attempt to put a dampener on things – but we didn’t let that get the better of us.

Our good friend Jon was here, actually for the third time, though on this visit, he planned to stay more than 24 hours! Yaay!

Jon and Family at the Caves_24052014

Here we are on a good day, only slight drizzle, and we were visiting the supposedly haunted Hell Fire Caves – so haunted in fact that it featured in an entire episode devoted to it on the Ghost Adventures show with Zak Bagans. Actually, it’s not haunted in the slightest, but people still claim that it is. Bollocks to that, I say.

Jon Purple and Family at the Caves_24052014

Above, Jon and I are being haunted by… Spiderman and a vampire. And a cuddly vampire no less!

Jon and Alex at the Caves_24052014

Spiderman unmasked – and he looks suspiciously like my Son.

Jon and Family at the Caves having a break_24052014

After all the spine chilling terror of being chased around by the supernatural, we all stopped for tea… and hot chocolate with marsh mellows. Is that a hint of sun that I detect here? Yes, I think it is.

Jon in the 6th Doctors coat at The Black Archives_25052014

Another day and another trip – down to The Black Archives where weird stuff is held in storage to protect the public from such ghastly things as Daleks, Cybermen and really dreadful fashion-wear. Now that’s what I call a proper 6th Doctor coat! Jon’s looking happy here, but I’m sure it’s just for show. He’s being accosted by a technicolour nightmare coat after all!

Thanks to the key holder, Exterminator, for keeping us safe that day, even if some items did follow us home.

It’s been a real pleasure having Jon come to stay with us and the chats were brilliant, even if they did last until nearly 3am each morning. Now that he’s gone, the kids are missing him and so am I and my wife.

Until next time then Jon.

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~ by PurpleBlancmange on May 26, 2014.

4 Responses to “A visit from overseas – Doctor Jon is in da house!”

  1. Well that explains the messages I would get followed by the its 3 am here I gotta go LOL

    Looks like you all had fun!

    • Yeah, that combined with the five hour time difference between there and here, plus the fact that we stayed up very late every night – for me, it was almost pointless going to bed as I had to be up again in just a few short hours.

      We had fun, despite the poor weather, and I think Jon enjoyed himself.

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