It’s my Wife’s Birthday!

Just a quick posting for today to wish my wonderful wife a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, even though she’s busy at work and taking everything in her stride.


Um… Yeah. She’s not really 50, not even anywhere close to that, but these were the only balloons that I could lay my hands on and so they just had to do – even if I did find them slightly amusing.

I’m sure there’ll be cake later.

In other news… Well, there’s not much to tell you actually. My Mother-in-Law is staying with us at the moment, so she’s been immersing herself with the kids, which leaves me with very little to do on that front. At least that gives me a chance to do other things. Which leads nicely to…

I looked and gasped in horror at the cracked and crumbling wood that I spotted on the TARDIS the other day, it’s rather shocking to see how it’s progressing – so that’s really going to require some attention soon. The gaps at the joins are opening up at an alarming rate too, but having given it the once over, it’s fairly cosmetic (on the whole), but action is required sooner, rather than later. It’s a restoration project in potentia.

Recently I was looking through eBay and someone has an MFX Replicas Sonic Screwdriver for sale and one of the pictures used in their sale advert is lifted from this very blog.

This image, in fact.

MFX Sonic in Day of the Doctor episode

Now, I don’t mind them using it for illustrative purposes, but it would have been polite to at least ask me first. Not that I retain nor claim copyright over it. Yes I made the frame grabs, but the boxed out Sonic is my personal copy and isn’t for sale.

Oh well. Not that it bothers me.

Lastly then. Where does our stuff go in this house? One minute it’s there, the next minute it’s gone. Vanished into the ether! Over the last few months, all manner of things have disappeared – including the lid to our bin and that’s not something small enough to just fall down behind something, it’s well and truly evaporated. I’ve torn the house apart looking for the wretched thing. The latest thing to have taken its leave is the charger to our camera, so for now, I can’t take any pictures as the battery ran out this morning – great timing, eh? If we don’t find it, we’ll have to buy a new one and they cost £50… and I bet you that as soon as we do purchase the replacement, the original one will miraculously show up.

Oh well, back to the grind. Watch how I wait for people not to return my calls (yeah, I’m really popular me), be in awe at my increasing frustration and leap with glee as I just about lose it over small things. Beyond all that though, things are great, no really they are.

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~ by PurpleBlancmange on June 6, 2014.

10 Responses to “It’s my Wife’s Birthday!”

  1. I feel you on the TARDIS issue! I did the restoration on my box last October, and I used a product that I had hoped would resolve the moisture issues. Over here it is sold as Flex Seal but basically it is liquid rubber. It comes in economy size cans and the advertisements show them spraying a screen door and then using the treated door in the bottom of a boat to demonstrate its ability. Works with wood and it is paintable. And when applied it even has a slight bubbly appearance so it mimics the artex that my Box had in the series, perfect eh? Grrrrrrr. So i soaked my roof and steps in this stuff, 4 layers, then i caulked the joins with latex paintable caulk and then of course a liberal application of paint. Well looking at the interior i see some streaks of brown where water has slowly penetrated. And the low side of the box, the corner where the water all runs, the wood is spongy from the inside. So at some point i will be replacing the Roof or part of it. I think i need to build a tent over her!
    I know this is the territory having a box outside in the extremes of the Midwest environment, -25f winters, 90 – 100F summers and Rain and Snow. But I so greatly enjoy every day looking out the window and watching her glow. I guess a labour of love to keep the armies of Ghenghis Khan from entering or the moisture! I guess I’m fortunate the bees or Bats havent discovered her LOL, with my luck a nest of Termites will discover her charm..

    • Yeah, I remember your plight, but at least you got it sorted. This one here isn’t out in the open, it’s under cover, but it’s the sheer age that’s got to it.

      I have a thing about not getting on with TARDIS props, there’s this one, my own build that I started about a decade ago and never finished off, plus I have a bunch of NSTs that require me to pull my finger out on.

      One day, I’ll be able to get a workshop, then not very much will stop me.

  2. Happy Mrs. Purpleday!

  3. I remember us talking about the cracking when I was last over, sorry to hear it’s progressing.

    The offer of assistance is there assuming I wouldn’t end up being more of a nuisance.

    • I think it was the initial shock of seeing such gaps, but as I said, it’s not too bad and I do think that most of it is repairable… it’s just a matter of getting around to it. Oh and finding somewhere to do it.

      If I end up doing it here, I’ll give you a shout.

  4. happy birthday mrs purple,them balloons made me laf it shouldn’t but did ,
    I offer free services to help with cracking for bed food and water :)
    I know the loosing things lark frustrating at best and bizarre where some arrived recently glasses gone walkies

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs. Purple :)

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